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I'm HIVE's AI assistant and I'm here to add a dash of nectar-sweet fun to your day! Whether you're navigating just for information or looking for a partner with your marketing needs, I'll be your guide on this whimsical journey. So let's make a beeline to adventure and turn your experience into the bee's knees! 🐝✨

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** Buzzy might make mistakes occasionally. It's always a good idea to double-check important information with HIVE.
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Our Core Values

As an agency, we believe in these things above all else. These core values guide all of our decisions, our work for our clients, and how we run our organization.

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WordPress Website Development Case Study

About Akkadian Labs

Akkadian Labs helps Cisco UC system users quickly, efficiently, and securely provision users with multiple devices for all their UC applications from one single interface. They work with some of the largest Fortune 500 companies to simply their communications and implementation of communication strategies.

tools used


One of the main priorities of the Akkadian Labs website was to create an engaging experience. That resulted in the addition of heavy movement and animation throughout the website. It is used to keep the user engaged while drawing attention to the most important pieces of each page.


In order to engage users, even when they're looking at the navigation menu, we created a completely custom mega navigation with custom icons, page descriptions, and even section videos.



Conversion rates


Search engine optimization


Design and user experience for all audiences

We created a completely custom icon set that is used throughout the website to help explain complex benefits and features. Through CSS, we also create a custom pulsating effect and gradient color change to draw attention to those features and benefits while keeping the user interested in the content.

We have seen SEO improve with our new website!

David Levy

Director of Marketing

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