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Working with HIVE Strategy

The Cost of Inbound Marketing

And why we believe in an agile point-based model instead of hourly pricing.
How our pricing structure works

Pricing & Point System

HIVE moved to the point-based pricing model in 2018 in order to eliminate inefficiencies, build more agile campaigns, and to eliminate the “nickel and dime” feel of the hourly model.

Hourly inefficiencies

The hourly model is certainly the most well known pricing structure within the marketing industry. That said, it isn’t always the most advantageous for the client.

With an hourly model, the client pays for an hour, but may not actually get a full hour's worth of work. Or worse, the client may be told something is going to take 4 hours and then the agency turns around and says, "oh well now it's actually going to take 6 hours." So in that case, the deliverable is now late and 50% more expensive. It puts all of the risk on you as the client. And the slower the agency works, the more they get paid. That's not really in alignment with your goals or our values.

Relief from the nickel and dime

Need revisions on a blog post we wrote? You’re not paying for extra hours while we perfect it. Designs have a few red lines? No problem, and we will get those fixed with no extra cost to you. We don't believe in nickel and diming. We believe that if we're good at what we do (and we are by the way) then the risk and pressure to do good work the first time should fall on us. That's why even if you have revisions or a project takes a little longer than we anticipated, you're not paying more. When you approve the point costs, as long as the project is still within that scope, the cost doesn't change.

The point based system ensures you’re not paying for extra time, while we perfect your campaign. It motivates our team to become the best possible partner for you as quickly as possible, rather than you having to pay for extra time while we get up to speed.

Agile campaigns

Each quarter we will develop a 90 day strategy based on your business goals in which your points will be allocated. On a monthly basis you’ll meet with your Marketing Manager to review campaign performance, strategy, and point allocations. Based on the data we review, we will then reallocate points to support the updated strategy.

Hours are not tracked here. We simply don't believe in it. We believe in outcomes and doing what is best for our clients. So yes, we may not provide an apples-to-apples proposal that you can easily compare with our competitors, but we believe that our points based system is geared towards value for our clients and that our clients get more out of their retainers with HIVE.

Build Your Digital Marketing Package

Estimate your cost of your marketing campaigns with HIVE.

Your estimated monthly
retainer is: $ - $

Based on your inputs, your retainer would be below our $5,000/month minimum.

We encourage you to look into HIVE Hub for HubSpot admin services.

What our clients say about us

Don't just take it from us

All campaigns are custom built for your goals

Example Packages

All below packages are just examples of what you could receive in a month. Actual deliverables and campaigns will be determined based on your company's unique goals and KPIs.

Basic Growth Track


125 points per month example campaign focused on inbound marketing.

  • GrowthPlan
  • Two blog posts per month
  • Monthly SEO
  • Lead nurturing workflow
  • Monthly segmented email
  • Quarterly High Value Content Offer

Standard Growth Track


175 points per month example campaign focused on inbound marketing.

  • GrowthPlan
  • Four blog posts per month
  • One Human Interest Story per month
  • Monthly SEO
  • Lead nurturing workflows
  • Monthly segmented email
  • Quarterly High Value Content Offer
  • Organic social media
  • Silver PR package

Advanced Growth Track


250 points per month example campaign focused on inbound marketing and account based marketing.

  • GrowthPlan
  • Four blog posts per month
  • Four Human Interest Stories per quarter
  • Monthly SEO
  • Monthly LinkedIn Expansion
  • Monthly segmented email
  • Quarterly High Value Content Offer
  • Organic social media
  • Silver PR package
  • Targeted media outreach & sponsorship
  • Outreach sequences
  • Conversion rate optimization

Your campaigns may include any number of methods to reach your goals and KPIs that you will determine in partnership with your Marketing Manager. Here are some of the common methods we use in our campaigns: content creation, search engine optimization, marketing automation, email, social media, landing pages, theme development, public relations, graphic design, branding, account based marketing, strategy, advertising setup, reporting, HubSpot setup, sales enablement, conversion rate optimization, user experience testing, database cleanup, lead scoring, among others.

Minimum retainer is $5,000/month.

Working with us

Flexible Campaigns, Not À La Carte

We work best when we're strategic partners helping to execute on campaigns to drive traffic, leads, opportunities, and deals for our clients. While a point system may get you thinking we run on an à la carte model where you pick what you want and we do the work, it doesn't really work that way.

Instead, we utilize the point system to be flexible in what we can get accomplished and when. We allocate points on the backend based on each method and time necessary to complete each piece of the campaign and then outline the deliverables for the campaign each month. The point system allows us to be data-driven to spot and act on trends quickly.

Each client will receive their own personalized rolling 90 day plan that gives them insight into how we're utilizing their points plus a monthly meeting to review the success that we're seeing, progress being made on key performance indicators, and even a timeline of what will be worked on and delivered when.

Let's Get Started

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