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About Sunlight Peaks / Mile Marker Club

Mile Marker Club is an alternative investment group that supports Qualified Purchasers with tools and guidance for wealth preservation and accumulation strategies. Mile Marker Club has since rebranded with the help of HIVE Strategy into Sunlight Peaks.

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Mile Marker Club had a significant database with around 6,000 contacts, but they weren't getting enough of their contacts to attend their quarterly Symposium events. Over half of their database was not engaging with any of their content nor attending their Symposiums. 


In order to get their database to engage and attend the next Symposium, our team looked to personalization as the key. This demographic and their target personas react favorably to feeling special and to content created specifically for them.
So that's what we did! 

We created a personalization campaign that focused on re-engaging contacts already in the database through a four-part email campaign, heavy personalization, personalized invitation videos, discount code, and testimonials from past Symposium attendees. We used social media, email, blog, new custom and personalized landing pages, image calls-to-action, video, flyers, and more to engage the already prime database.



New revenue directly tied to our campaign


Contacts influenced

Because Mile Marker Club utilizes HubSpot and all of our campaigns ran through there, we were easily able to see what worked and what didn't.  Through this campaign, we were able to produce over $35,000 in new revenue directly tied to this campaign while influencing 1,163 contacts.


Website Screens_Sunlight PeaksIn an effort to create a financial solution that better suited the needs of their clients, Mile Marker Club decided it was time to rebrand and differentiate their service offerings. HIVE supported the shift from Mile Marker Club to Sunlight peaks through logo creation, website updates, branding, and optimization.


We have worked with Mile Marker Club / Sunlight Peaks for several years now and have helped them to navigate a brand change, website changes, and worked to find ways for them to better connect and engage with their audience.

Dustin Brackett

CEO + Founder of HIVE Strategy

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