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As an agency, we believe in these things above all else. These core values guide all of our decisions, our work for our clients, and how we run our organization.

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Student Enrollment & Staff Recruitment Case Study

About Vista College Preparatory

Vista College Preparatory is a high performing public and free charter school network in Phoenix, Arizona. They currently have two elementary schools and one middle school with plans to expand in the coming years. They serve a mostly low-income population.

tools used


Vista College Prep (VCP) initially came to us with a need to find, identify, engage, and recruit teachers and staff that fit their culture for positions throughout three schools. Their main challenges included finding the right candidates for staff and teaching roles, student enrollment to fill elementary school and middle school grades, creating a waitlist for each grade across three schools, collecting, understanding, and utilizing data, nurturing candidates and parents, increasing attendance at open houses & tours, and filling all open teaching positions.


Through thorough research, content review, and resume evaluation, we were able to identify characteristics of great quality candidates and reach those kinds of prospects across digital marketing avenues.

In order to reach the identified target prospects, we employed monthly campaigns that included pay-per-click advertising through Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram, landing pages, workflows, CRM, custom forms, email marketing, blogging, social media marketing, review marketing, LinkedIn expansion, and search engine optimization.



Increase in website traffic


New student enrollment leads


New staff and teacher candidates

Vista College Preparatory had massive success in both their enrollment and hiring campaigns and have even broken ground on their next school including 85 new staff and teacher candidates, 111 new student enrollment leads, 76% increase in website traffic, and achieved full seats at all of their schools with a waitlist for nearly all grades.

We continue to be so impressed with the work HIVE does in support of our student and teacher recruitment.

Julia Meyerson

Executive Director

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