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Taking your website to another galaxy

Growth Driven

Your Website should grow with your business.

Improved Website Optimization Over time.

Growth Driven Design involves incremental and consistent changes to your website to continually improve the overall user experience over time. Content and messaging are designed to consider website usefulness, user experience, conversion rate optimization, and stickiness to best tailor the site to your ideal targeted buyer persona. Analyze user data and make adjustments to improve the user experience.  Growth Driven Design is a repeatable cycle intended to enable you to make changes and implementations that improve user experience and help you to achieve your goals.

Maximize Your Website's Potential

The Growth Driven Design Cycle

why should I care?

What is Growth Driven Design?

The old way of building a website to be an "online brochure" simply doesn't work anymore. Through Growth Driven Design, we build websites to scale with your organization while constantly improving user experience and optimizing for conversions through extensive testing and data.

Supercharge Your Website

Growth Driven Design Continuous Improvement

Growth Driven Design Continuous Improvement is all about improving your website month-over-month, better understanding your website visitors, testing, collecting data, and scaling your website to meet your user expectations as well as your business goals.

We run continuous improvement in an initial four month sprint followed by three month sprints to create a significantly better user experience and improved lead generation process. Here is what you can expect from your first four month sprint of GDD Continuous Improvement with HIVE:

Our deliverables depending on website traffic

Our GDD Deliverables

A better website, every single month.

Our GDD Pricing

Ongoing 3 Month Sprint

$4,500 - $12,000

Total investment for ongoing three month sprint, depending on website traffic.

  • Monthly Working Meeting
  • Quarterly Impact Workshop
  • Conversion Components
  • Action Item Documentation
  • A/B Testing ⭐
  • Weekly Pulse Email ⭐
  • Multi-Variate Testing ⭐