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About ECHO Listening Intelligence

The ECHO Listening Profile is the first cognitive-based listening assessment that enables organizations to quickly understand the listening styles and corresponding behaviors of their teams, individual employees and future hires. This statistically reliable ten-minute survey helps identify an individual’s personal listening style or habit in the workplace. It measures how individuals listen to, filter, and interpret what they hear, and how that interpretation affects how they communicate with those around them.

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ECHO Listening Intelligence created a listening assessment and training programs for consultants and large organizations to help identify an individual's listening habits and biases in order to promote better communication in sales, interoffice relationships, and with customers. They faced the challenge of finding the right prospects to become certified practitioners of their assessment program and they also had the challenge of differentiating their assessment solution from thousands of other professional assessments on the market.


By identifying industries, businesses, and roles that were a good fit for the ECHO Listening Assessment and Certified Practitioner Program, we were able to become more targeted with our messaging and meet those good fit prospects where they spend their time online.  Target persona and target account development played an extremely important role in their success.



Increase in website traffic in just 7 months


New speaking engagements


New leads generated per month

ECHO Listening Intelligence was able to quadruple their website traffic within seven months, booked three new speaking engagements for their Founder, and generated more than 50 new leads and new assessments per month.

HIVE has been a very highly valued partner of our company since mid-2018. They're perfect for a small, growing company like ours that requires knowledgeable advice AND effective execution across all areas of digital marketing, from web development and SEO optimization to running digital sales campaigns. They're agile, open-minded, and simply a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend this team.

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